Current Projects

I am currently working on my fourth novel Stones of Akenmore  which is a medieval fantasy set against the backdrop of a perpetual war between the humans and the Aves. Nativus finds a device which allows him to undo time at his peril. (FULL blurb/synopsis on its way).

I estimate I am about 25% of the way through the second draft. I will update this here with my progress and information about the book’s release nearer completion.


I also have over 30 ideas on my idea list, and I feel confident in at least ten of them, but I suspect I’ll only be writing one or two at most a year depending on how long they are and how much time I get to work on other stuff.


Writing is not the only thing I do, I am a full time Web Developer and I am also building my own CMS software in my free time, so the books may take me longer than full time writers.

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