The Island

Written by James Record in 2016.

A secluded island to myself,
In the middle of nowhere,
Millions of miles from civilisation;
I’m in a world of my own.

The sun sears my weak skin,
Yet I try to enjoy the fine weather,
Before the daily storm returns,
To flood my sanctuary.

Every day that comes,
Is the same as the previous.
I’ve been stuck on this island for three years,
But it feels more like three hundred.

I cannot leave this island,
Trust me I have tried.
The current is too strong to overcome;
Relentless rains put out my signal fire.

The sea salt blurs my vision;
I cannot trust what I see.
I fear the sound of hidden monsters,
Which are as imaginary as this rock.

After many years the tides change;
I wasn’t so far from the people I left.
Even if nobody noticed I was gone,
The world to me has moved on.

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