A Little Bit of Honesty

Written by James Record in 2015.

Is all it takes.
How can we proceed into the light,
If we are weighed down by shadows?

This is not only for spiritual of us,
Because even the most rational,
Will still feel the strains of self-doubt,
And refuse to accept their limitations.

First we must accept we have a burden,
Before we can find the remedy.
As when taking antibiotics when all you have is fever,
Taking the wrong steps to recovery,
Will only drag the problems along with us.

Sometimes the lies distance us from those we love,
And protect those we think can’t hold the truth.
We are just as fallible as anyone else,
And believing that is the simplest kind of honestly.

Honesty doesn’t mean never telling a lie,
And it doesn’t mean being sinless or perfect.
Honesty means accepting our faults and our imperfections,
And not being afraid to share them with others.

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