Changing Seasons

Written by James Record in 2015.

You would not believe how quickly,
I can change from a tranquil summer’s day,
To the worse of winter’s fury,
And then back again to peace and calm.

My mood:
More changeable than the weather,
Less predictable than the seasons,
And more unstable than the lows,
Which dominate the system.

The benevolent clouds,
Unleash hailstorms only prophets could see.
The twisters and the hurricanes may look menacing,
But are really just hot air mixing with the cold.

From winter blues to blue skies of paradise,
My body shakes more,
Than the tops of trees in a violent gale.
The monsoon returns;
Six months of torrential rains batter the world,
I’ve spent all winter rebuilding.

The dry season is short,
And the deserts turns my dreams to dust,
And the coarse sands wear down my confidence,
But a respite I must take advantage of,
Before the land clouds over again,
And the rains wash away all my progress.

The glacial ice is refreshing.
Some days I prefer the dark chills to the glaring sun,
But the ice will one day melt away again,
And send me back into the warmth.
We can’t hide from our own nature.

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