Party Favours

Written by James Record in 2015.

The party’s over,
But it is not the wine,
That has brought about the fuzzy head,
And the painless headaches that follow.

As the balloons burst,
The pop resonates through my head.
The sound amplifies as it passes the mind,
The echo revealing what I already knew.

This party animal,
Is more of a domestic kitten than a lion.
More purr, than roar.
More daydreamer, than night-hunter.

The beverages are poison,
And the desserts are not sweet at all.
The special occasion is yet to be decided.
All these social events all duller,
Than the razor I cared not to use this day.

The punch bowl is just as full tonight,
As when I filled it this morning.
The food trays barely touched,
The cake dry, hard and not for consumption.

I can finally rest,
The last of the guests have returned home.
Perhaps the party was not a complete failure,
And I just being hard on myself.

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Party Favours by James Record is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


Written by James Record in 2015.

My heart beats quicker than the clocks,
Which disturb my focus with hourly chimes.
A distraction undeserved, but a grave reminder,
That not one man can control all of time.

A swinging pendulum sways a terrible slumber;
Too tired to think;
Too motion sick to breathe.
These ticks are more predictable and regular,
Than a chaotic double pendulum,
Which drives my dreams and keeps the weary from rest.

A thousand hidden clocks click insistently,
Tapping on my forehead like a personal woodpecker.
To keep sane requires patience only a timekeeper could know.
The blue bird isn’t the only thing going cuckoo around here.

The seconds pass me by; minutes are longer than eternity,
Then an hour; Then a day; Another day missing.
Life will go on, with or without our consent,
As if we were built from mechanisms and workings.

A broken hour glass is seeping sand into my eyes,
With a sting like a bath of grit.
Glass shards scattered across the floor cut my feet,
As I continue my inevitable walk through existence.

I hide in the shade cast by a stone needle,
Until the sun dial outside of my senses turns the light,
And I become the shadow maker;
And for a short time, I am the one in control again.

Creative Commons Licence
Clocks by James Record is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.