Silent Music

Written by James Record in 2014.

My love for you is like the music I hear,
Whilst listening to a cassette tape on auto-reverse,
It is always the same tune.
My thoughts go back and forth,
As my head goes up and down,
The spindle in my mind rotates ad infinitum.

An improvement on the broken record?
Well the magnetism only attracts the best,
While the gramophone needle scratches my eyes,
And skips from one thought to the next.

The music is loud,
And I never wanted to hear those words anyway.
Ghostly echoes of a better time,
When things were simpler and not antiquated.

The digital voice is stable,
But the quality is a general mumble.
The lyrics are lost where no one can hear,
My sample of life is anything but clear.

My headphones hide me from her,
The songs beat in synchronisation,
With the rhythms of my feeble heart.
The words are safe from others,
Secured in void where no one but me,
Has to interpret meaning or sense.

Gone are the golden days of the orchestra,
The many instruments giving me enough distraction,
To ignore the thumping drums and bass that,
Alternate their pitch inside my head.
One sound I shall never hear,
Are the bells of the newlywed.

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Silent Music by James Record is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.