New novel progress going well

I have just reach half of the predicted word count for my medieval fantasy novel, I haven’t a name for it yet (or even 100% on the name of the main character), but I should hopefully be complete with the first draft by the next summer, then it’s just a hell of a lot of re-writing and sp+gr.
I will update when I am nearer completion of course.

No Photographer

Written by James Record in 2013.

I am a camera,
Spectating the world,
As it passes by in front of me,
Distorted through my imperfect lens,
Dirty finger prints cloud my view,
The zoom jammed, forever unable to focus.

I sit back,
I cannot interact with the world,
Only observe its least proud moments,
I watch as the pain continues,
Indifferent to those I see,
Their story captured for the world to see,
And no one feels.

The photos develop in grainy black and white,
The true colours of misfortune are hidden,
My red eyes are tired from all I see,
And yet still nothing changes the way they live,
Their daily travels are motions blurs,
Against my ancient eyes.

The prints fade,
Along with any fond memories,
The vivid world, reduced to two dimensions,
Any depth comes in the form,
Of rolled corners and split frames,
Reduced to history,
For a generation to find,
Only a glimpse of how things once were.

Creative Commons Licence
No Photographer by James Record is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.