Long Mornings of Spring

Written by James Record in 2013.

With the spring sun passing over the equinox,
And once more sending us into the daylight,
Some of us, now used to the long dark nights,
Miss out on the long spring mornings that are blessed upon us.

Optimism should now cascade from the daylight,
And wake all the hibernators who seek refuge from the long nights,
To ease the pain of headaches which some take so hard,
Over the long nights of Autumn.

However not every year do the photons reach our eyes,
For some they just cause us to see our faults in clear day,
Far from the lifting of stresses and tensions of the bitter seasons,
We will take comfort in the darkness and not sleep until small hours.

The spring birds return just as promised, as should our mood.
The birds have arrived just in time, following the warmth,
However the good news we have waited many cold months to hear,
Has got lost on the way, and we are still without deliverance.

Just as this year’s crops grow in the more plentiful sunlight,
As do some people’s impatience with their dark eyes,
Just as the sun melts the low mountain snow on its southern face,
The minds of the pessimists will thaw with due time.

It will take the long mornings and the sunlit summer evenings,
To return those affected to their natural rhythm.
We just now need to hope that the coming months of summer,
Will be better than prior years, where the sun barely revealed its face,
From behind dark clouds and the terrible rain that passes over all day.
Optimism will treat us with enough pleasant days, as to permit the peace.

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