Updated kindle books: covers

Hello, I have recently created new covers for my kindle e-books (instead of the previous placeholder ones), Back to Basics now has a cover similar to the paperbacks, while Revolutions and Will to Forgive have simple background ones with a pattern the title. I figured hopefully they would be a bit more interesting in the amazon store.



The Sleepless and the Harmonics

Written by James Record in 2013.

When the restless souls within each of us,
Shows its ugly face and wears down our minds,
Wears out our eyes and we grow tired of this life,
We can be sure to soothe the flames with the melodies.
Let the soft hands play the piano,
While the symphonies in our mind drums and strobes,
Our mind can finally recline into an easy position,
And just like children have lullabies,
We can finally release the burdens and relax into a peaceful mind.
Don’t let the tempo dissuade us from our goals,
The faster beats can let us complete our activities of the day,
While the soft, slow drums can enter our natural rhythm,
And entrance us, allowing our mind to pass into a lesser level of function.
The screams of the electric instruments,
Are that of the stresses of the day,
The hand strung bows are better than any painkillers,
From high octane to Octavia,
We can only do so much before the exhausted,
Find that the aggressive flames become passively extinguished.
Let us finally find comfort to lay down and drift into another world,
We can finally sleep, just as the children are sleeping,
The decrescendo of the harmonics, finally brings us to dream,
Just before the song of the morning bird wakes us once again.

Creative Commons Licence
The Sleepless and the Harmonics by James Record is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.