Battle for the Creative Mind

Written by James Record in 2013.

Are our pleasant dreams really that different from our worst waking thoughts?
Does madness keep the creative mind awake and hide the logical one?
Does the calculating mind drive away the creative one, restoring order?
Is creativity not just another face of logic, secretly wanting to design our rules?

Why should a mind of science and understanding of great forces,
Choose instead to pray to a deity of invisible perception?
This is the same reason a man of science with no creativity,
Chooses not to write research about the stars, but write poetry about them.

Open your eyes to the soothing daylight,
Catch the creative thoughts that float past,
Like a delicate butterfly in the breeze,
Before it fades to nothing and disappears with the sun.

Let the artist within soothe the mind,
When the maths and the physics disagree.
If you think everything you could ever learn is in a book,
Then try writing one with characters and see what you learn.

Let the battles of the future be fought with pens and equations,
Not the guns of today or yesteryear.
We cannot fight an invisible opponent if we do not understand ourselves,
The balance of arts and science should not be forgotten or ignored.

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