No Miracles

Written by James Record in 2012.

Listen Girl!
I’ve been patient with you, but now it’s time you hear me out.
Even though it was only for weeks,
Those weeks to me seemed longer than the several years since then.

I just want you to know just how I felt,
I don’t know what people have been telling you,
But maybe you should trust your feelings,
And listen to me for once.

I don’t expect no miracles!
But I do expect to live my life.
I’d be much happier if you listened to me,
Instead of to those who tore you from me, in the beginning.

I found a reason to wake up in the morning,
I worked my heart out every day, before going to sleep once more.
I haven’t a problem living without break, from myself,
I just wish I had someone to appreciate it.

I don’t expect no miracles!
I just want to be happy.
It doesn’t have to be the way it was before,
I just want to know you once cared.

Maybe your sudden disappearance could be a good sign,
Because I have found motivation in your absence to create all things,
That would otherwise be mere possibilities in the pessimistic half of my mind,
I don’t think I should fear the unknown any longer.

I don’t expect no miracles!
I wouldn’t ask for anything to be easy, in fact,
I will rise once again, with someone who appreciates me a little more,
But I am now willing to wait a little longer if it must be.

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