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Long Nights of Autumn

Written by James Record in 2012.

From the sun that never shone for an entire summer,
To the darkest days when a man’s soul shines through the troubling times.
Autumn is the dullest season, yet it also the golden season,
The leaves may fall down and waste away,
But the spirits the trees hold is far more sacred than any false prophet.

When the darkest nights come to consume the joy and light in our hearts,
It shall be the creative mind that falls first.
Pen can meet paper through the candle light of a dark afternoon,
But it also takes away the light from ourselves and we cannot reflect upon it.

Winter can bring the bravest and hardiest of men to their knees,
If they let the absence of light get to their minds.
Festivals will be upon us in the near future, giving light and warmth back,
But not everyone can join us, sometimes those we lost along the way,
Can cast a dark shadow over the fireplace, so we shall light candles.

Winter may be depressing, but the darkness will allow,
For the starlight to shine on through the shadowy veil and light our faces.
It may be so cold outside on such a day, but it is also fresh.
Let the amateur astronomers line up their telescopes,
For starlight is seen best when far away from the blue haze that is present in June.

And so at last spring has arisen,
As the wheat grows in the sun lit fields, so do our spirits.
The sun has returned with the migrating birds,
And our souls are warmed once again.

Creative Commons Licence
Long Nights of Autumn by James Record is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

The Impassible Souls

Written by James Record in 2012.

The highest mountains have been scrambled,
Yet the slopes of the human soul are impassable.
More is known about the battered surface of the moon,
Than about the canyons of the deep oceans,
And even less is known about the deep rifts in human emotion.

We are the young explorers who will learn far more about ourselves,
Than the great explorers of yesteryear who conquered Antarctica and the Amazon.
We are not following in their footsteps, although we do follow their direction,
Instead we put on snow-boots and stamp our own path for the future.

It is our task to build the future for those who will follow ourselves one day,
And create footsteps of their own, and will have their own slopes to master.
However we cannot simple stack the blocks of our future haphazardly,
We must learn from those before us, so we do not build upon the sand.

We will set the heights of our own hurdles;
We will rise tall, if we are not afraid of the fall.
Also we should not forget the long journey that lies ahead,
And not seek shortcuts where there are none, or we won’t make the first hurdle.

We should avoid the over temping feeling of impatience that some of us suffer,
If we are to be great, then we shall be great when we are ready,
Just like the mountains which take millions of years to grow and to recede,
We will be like the mountains and wait our time to summit our fears and desires.

Don’t give up yet, you are yet to begin,
You haven’t yet solved the riddle of your mind.
Once you can see through the soul,
You can finally see clearly your future.

Creative Commons Licence
The Impassible Souls by James Record is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.