Back to Basics

Back to Basics is the second novel written by James Record. It was self-published on in 2012 and is also available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle.

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After an unknown nuclear disaster or attack most of the world is in ruins. Of those that survive, few remain healthy, these men called the ‘Primes’ wage an even less anticipated war against the rest. There is not enough food for everyone so the primes send the unhealthy to Africa where they must battle the elements, the Primes and each other to survive. Survivors Andrew and Natalie must put up with the terrible world they are now a part of while planning ways they may one day return home.

The Light is Your Friend

Written by James Record in 2012.

The light is your friend,
It guides you from the darkest alleys and abysses of your soul.
Follow the light where it takes you,
Keep on the right side and you will remain eternally bright.

The darkness can seem tempting at times,
Away from the ever watching eyes of the deity you disbelieve,
But the light will always be waiting for you,
As its light is infinitely bright for anyone who wants to seek enlightenment.

Don’t lose faith in the sacred light,
For it does not lose faith in you,
Even when you spend months in darkness and isolation,
There is still always space and kindness left for every man who so chooses.

The light will be waiting for you,
Even if the storm of your mind lasts for many months or years.
Just as when the floods of Noah subsided,
The dove will be waiting and the rays of heaven will be ready to guide you once again.

When the dark clouds gather and cast your faithful soul into the shadows,
Be patient and have faith in the light.
Not everyone can be in the light all the time, the light remains,
Wait until you clear the dark clouds from your mind and feel the light once more.

Even the deepest darkest hearts are not opaque enough,
To stop the eternal light from kindly lightening your spirits.
Even deep underground where no sunshine can ever reach,
The wonder of God’s light can reach those who ask.

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