Throw Away the Pessimism

Written by James Record in 2012.

Throw away the pessimism,
We will be looking forwards from now on,
Stop worrying about our personal problems,
These are insignificant in the eyes of God.

I think we all need to be a little less selfish,
We should think about those who need him more.
A loss of something more important,
Is sometimes required to wake us up from ourselves.

Don’t worry about the past, that has happened,
Don’t worry about the future, whatever is planned will do.
Worry about the present, make someone else happy,
If we all think about ourselves, why should anyone think about us.

I do not agree with anyone fearing what items they have lost,
If we look hard enough we shall find them,
If the items we lose are more than treasure,
They will be waiting for us in heaven.

Don’t hide away from the world forever,
If we do nothing good for anyone else,
Then who will remember what we have done?
Only the lord will remember, those who chose to help themselves.

We only get one chance to make the world a brighter place,
When we leave we can’t take our treasures with us.
Yes of course we could give them to our children,
Even better, why not give them something they can keep forever.

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