The Stars Shine for You

Written by James Record in 2012.

The stars had always shone when you were around,
Bringing light into the darkness from the chaos within.
When you’re gone it is so dark,
No light to guide my way, no hope where I am going.

When you left those years ago,
All the stars disappeared from the night sky.
It didn’t matter how clear the night,
The only light now is Venus, to mock me further.

It’s been so long since I last gazed upon the stars,
An infinite number of possibilities that once were,
Now just one, I have no meaning here now, just one,
I can’t wish upon it.

The stars are so far away, just like we are in spirit,
We are much closer in reality, but a fog is blinding you,
Just like the fog that’s blinding me from seeing the stars.
They’ll always be there somewhere, but out of sight forever.

The stars provide fools with constellations on which to predict,
They may be fools but at least their dream sometimes come true.
Our ancestors used the stars to navigate and count the years go by,
But for me, I am going nowhere and time is passing far too quick.

Curse my eyes, they always deceive me,
They trick me into believing the kind are always kind,
They are misted and misguided,
They do tell me who to trust and who to believe.

Maybe before I start diverting the blame I should open my eyes,
For I cannot see if they are only half open, open them wide,
Once my eyes can see clearly once again, I can see the stars again,
They never left, they just waited for me to stop lying to myself.

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