New Novel

I am currently writing my second novel, currently it is called “Back to Basics” but I may have chosen a different title by the time I finish it. I am very far into it, and am currently considering cover art and editing, though I am still writing. If I write a part two it may take a while yet before it is published otherwise the initial writing could be complete and the next few months. One way or another I will keep this updated and when it goes to print I will update the info where you can buy/download it.

The basic idea of what the novel is about is: A post-apocalyptic world where people are no longer judged by anything other than whether or not they were made ill by the radiation from the nuclear fallout or not, those that stay healthy dominate over those that aren’t, those that aren’t have to learn how to survive. The story follows a man and a woman who survive and are sent to Africa to live exploring both the effects of a world after civilisation and the more personal effect of being together in such small groups while constantly under threat.

Multi-colour Poison

Written by James Record in 2010.

What the hell was I thinking?
My senses have deceived me.
He told me not to go there,
But did I care?

Now my errors wait on the moon,
I hope it never comes.
My mind hazed by multi-colour poison,
I was warned to stay away.

Friends become foes, much quicker,
Than excuses can fall from my mouth.
They told me to stay safe,
But of course I went for broke.

I needed something to cool the burning;
Something that keeps you sane.
But does acting the scene quicker,
Make the play any better?

My patience is no better,
I solved no problems here.
I’ve only made things worse,
By not listening to my friends.

Someone tell me what is happening,
The chatting behind my ears.
They know more than I do,
So many pictures, please?

The multi-colour poison,
Offers some an escape into new life.
For me it’s far more awkward,
I can’t see through all the lies.

I’d shoot my foot,
If the truth were true.
I can’t afford this burden,
Not for a very long time.

Creative Commons Licence
Multicolour Poison by James Record is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


Written by James Record in 2008.

I am a slice of toast.
I am a dry, stale and forgotten toast; I have no use,
Though when you think about it,
I suppose someone did go to the effort of toasting me,
So I suppose I must be here for a purpose.

What is a piece of toast without the butter or the jam?
But then what’s the butter and the jam without good toast?
Only a good piece of toast deserves the extras,
Too many pieces of toast have these extras but for what?

Creative Commons Licence
Toast by James Record is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

The Other World and I

Written by James Record in 2011.

Have you heard of parallel worlds?
One for each and every possibility,
Well then there is a world, where I still love her?
How I envy that other me.

What makes you so much better than me?
What can you do so well that I can’t?
After all we are the same person, or maybe,
What can you do so well that I won’t?

All this time I have been blaming the wrong person,
It was not fate that put me here now,
It was another me, someone stealing my identity,
And making a mockery of all I stand for.

I can’t breathe, someone’s taken all my air,
I feel ill, at the thought even I would hate me,
I feel I may have left myself for dead,
No win, no tie, no consolation prize.

Damn you! You are not me!
No other me would leave me to spoil,
We may share our genes but not our minds,
Yours is full of evil, mine is full of baseless guilt.

I tried to follow your footsteps,
But all they did was lead me home,
I tried to solve the riddle of your mind,
But all I did was find myself,
I tried to ask you all the questions,
But I already knew all the answers,
I tried to look you in the eye,
But all I saw was my own reflection.

Maybe I am more like you than I first imagined,
Maybe in fact I am you,
Maybe I need to stop blaming you,
And open up to the world of possibilities.

Creative Commons Licence
The Other World and I by James Record is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Take the Light

Written by James Record in 2011.

Take your light,
While it shines for you,
Blink too late,
And it’ll be gone!

Always look forwards,
Never behind,
If you look backwards,
You’ll get left behind.
If you look sideways,
You’ll lose the way,
Forget the road home,
And this is where you’ll stay.

The light is bright enough for all,
Don’t forget this when you’re all alone,
It takes two to make the leap,
So open your eyes and take your chance.

The sun is setting,
Time’s running out,
Take your chance soon,
Before you’re left in the dark.

When riding life as a train,
Always face forwards,
See where you’re going,
Not where you came from.

There’s no light at the end of this tunnel,
You have to open your eyes first.
If you’re still in doubt,
Go with your heart, not with your brain.

Creative Commons Licence
Take the Light by James Record is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Highway Lanes

Written by James Record in 2008.

I am a highway lane running side-by-side with another lane,
We were always together, nothing could keep us apart,
At least, not until the split,
Neither of us liked it but it couldn’t be helped.

We were forced to go separate ways, the other lane,
That had been beside me for so long carried on as normal,
While I went off in a completely different direction.

I missed being next to the other lane, it now had the other lane,
The one I never saw because I can only see what’s now, I was blind,
I longed to be back with the lane I once ran beside,
But the more I wanted the further I was taken away.

Though one day my luck changed and I started to become near,
And nearer to the lane I once ran beside,
We joined back together as we once were,
Only she was different, tarmac, not the old concrete I knew.

Creative Commons Licence
Highway Lanes by James Record is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

The Bird Sings Her Name

Written by James Record in 2008.

Am I insane or just plain crazy?
Try to help but I’m too lazy,
Oh, the bird sings her name,
I guess there’s only me to blame.
I really do miss her,
And I see her everywhere,
Think about things all day long,
I hear names in the bird’s song.

Everyone I see is her,
Everything I hear is her.

Look round, don’t see the ground,
Just looking in the sky,
For every day I waste my time,
I want her, I can’t deny.
Some say let go,
That’s something I cannot do,
Even though she say said it loud,
She said that we are through.

Everything I see is her,
Everything I hear is her.

But I ride on something I call hope,
I can’t give up, not just yet,
For every time I live again,
Is another day to forget.
Am I living in the past?
Or just about to break,
Another day the bird it sings,
Her name for goodness sake.

Creative Commons Licence
The Bird Sings Her Name by James Record is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Releasing more writings for free

I have decided to go back to releasing some of my writings for free. I have several poems, stories etc which I am willing to share.

The idea is you can read them for free and appreciate them, if you don’t like them then you haven’t wasted any money 🙂

I am distributing these under a creative commons licence, so you can use them, edit them and generally do anything you want with them as long as you credit me (James Record).

Revolutions: the U for the A

Revolutions: the U for the A is the first novel written by James Record. It was self-published on in 2009 and is also available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Revolutions: The U for the A is about a man called Peter who gets caught up in a war between good and evil. He must decide whether the side he chooses is actually telling him the truth or using him to get at the other side. He must choose who to believe and whether he will really be saving the world from a dire ending or whether he is just part of a criminal gang who use gullible recruits to do their work.