Battle for the Creative Mind – Behind the poem

Last year I wrote a poem called Battle for the Creative Mind Click here if you haven’t already read it. Basically there is never a true meaning to a poem, we can invent any emotion we want when we read one, and I normally don’t like explaining the meaning behind my own but I thought it is relevant to explain a little more about myself.

I am a programmer and a writer, I write code and I write fiction and poems. The code requires a very mathematical and logical mind and under normal circumstances is completely incompatible with creativity. Many programmers struggle to create anything fancy hence the term “programmer art” and I cannot escape this myself. I cannot particularly draw very well myself here’s my deviantArt so you can judge for yourself, however I can write (or at least enjoy it).

Several times when I’ve applied for programming jobs I’ve been asked how come I can write fiction but I cannot draw. Well one answer to that is that they are not the same thing, the second answer is that I have enjoyed writing long before I have been making games and software. I always loved the idea of making video games one day but knew nothing about how they were made until I taught myself to program in order to find out. My strengths in maths and science subjects at school and beyond have always helped me with this regard, I also love anything science-y: space, astronomy, physics, crazy mind bending stuff like quantum mechanics (I try) among many other things, I could consider myself a scientist but I don’t look good in a lab coat and safety glasses (not many people do). I have a degree (or at least very shortly will have the piece of paper to prove it) in a computer science field, anything tech-y is me.

You may be wondering how this ties in with the fiction, well I said before, I have loved writing stories since before I liked computer stuff. I particularly got into writing in with fifth year of primary school when the Wednesday assembly was dedicated to a writing competition. Once a week there was a prize for the best short story and the best poem, the winner got to take home a trophy to keep for one week and their story was put on display in the hall. I loved this, I wrote nearly every week churning out all sorts of weird and wonderful things (remember I was aged 10/11 at the time) some were good and some were terrible. I particularly felt proud of a set of stories called Peter Johnson and the… based of course of the craze of the time which was harry potter, an eponymous character who went through a series of adventure in each book. By book I mean a massive font sized print out and bound in a plastic folder, so a long short story for the time. I still wasn’t able to write a full length novel at this point, that would come later with Revolutions: the U for the A, my first novel.

My favourite thing about stories? The plot! No, not that kind of plot, I mean events within the book. This is another reason maybe why I appreciate games that have a decent back story, multi-players are all well and good, but no one seems to be able to make a good story of a game any more. Then there are movies, a good film tells a story a bad movie has things exploding and lens flares coming at you from every angle. Effects are cool and add to the experience but this is why I don’t get 3D, because they don’t add anything to the plot.

Favourite genres? Well anything thriller, action to a degree (see above), mystery for certain, science fiction (because space and aliens and lasers), certain fantasy sub-genres. Which ones I don’t like? Well that must leave anything overly romantic (a bit is ok but not the whole story).

So in conclusion, I like learning facts, I like reading/writing fiction. Some people only like one or the other, I like both. If there are people who have had a similar tale, or rather quite an opposing one then let me know in the comments and please subscribe or follow me.

New website

I am currently in the process of splitting my website into a separate area dedicated to my writing hobbies, here I will post all my writing related information. I will continue to update my developer site but I will no longer add writing to that, only programming, games, software and web dev related stuff.

My new dedicated writing website:

An introduction

Hello, I am James Record (jim90) and I am the creator of SeeCodeNotGames and all of the software and games on it.

I am a student studying Computer Games Programming at University of Derby, I program all the time, varying from game demos to full software programs (like Writing Ghost). I also manage and build this website myself.

I have also written several novels, I self published my novels: Revolutions: the U for the A, Back to Basics and Cells Divided through and am currently writing my fourth novel.