Kindle Book downloadable for free!

If you own an Amazon Kindle device and are always looking for something new (and free) to read, you will be able to download my novels for free, while on promo. – For UK – For USA and elsewhere

The next promotion will begin on the 24th July 2016.

Also if you have Amazon Prime, or Kindle Unlimited you can download them for free anytime.

Updated kindle books: covers

Hello, I have recently created new covers for my kindle e-books (instead of the previous placeholder ones), Back to Basics now has a cover similar to the paperbacks, while Revolutions and Will to Forgive have simple background ones with a pattern the title. I figured hopefully they would be a bit more interesting in the amazon store.

Kindle books international links

It has occurred to me that the links currently only work for UK customers and don’t seem to re-direct from elsewhere so here is a list of links:
(Also the link query is the same just the top level e.g. .com / .de etc).

UPDATE: The other links don’t seem to work (or at least I cannot read the error messages) so I’ll leave up the and the .com links.

Revolutions now free to download PDF

Any one can now download the Revolutions: the U for the A novel written James Record as a PDF file for free, for a limited time only.

This will be only be available for a short while.

The PDF is exactly the same as the paperback but can be read on your computer.

UPDATE: This is available again, updated new link, same file.